Whats new Pussycat!

Hey ya'all it been awhile, hope all is well.  I wanted to drop a line and say we have added links to all our great endorsing companies whose gear we use and abuse.  Each one of these great companies are a pleasure to work with and keep us rolling with top notch service and grade A gear!  I encourage you to visit their sites and check out all the stellar gear they offer.  Or better yet go to your favorite Rock store and bang away on some of the best made stuff in the world. 

In other Rock and Roll news: We are still hard at work on a new EP that we hope to be able to release sometime before Xmas.  A majority of the music is down and we are in the process of tracking vocals.  As a group we are extremely happy with how these sessions are going and cant wait for ya'all to hear the new stuff. 

We are also writing like mad lately and plan to record another EP to be released sometime in spring of 2013.  With a possible small jaunt around the US somewhere to promote and blow off some steam.  Shows are somewhat limited right now as we are concentrating big time on new music.  We will be playing some key show throughout the rest of 2012 so keep your eyes here as well as Facebook and Twitter for updates. 

Keep Rock Alive!