Skull to the Road 2013- Tour Blog- Diary of a Drummer

Diary of a drummer Skull to the Road Tour 2013,

The first day of our trip is really a testament of what Carbellion stands for. It is American Heavy Rock swagger  and  our “us against the world attitude”. We get in the van, drive all the way across the country, and it does not matter 20 people or 2000 people we deliver the same show.  

We have heard the term travel day from time to time from other bands meaning that they take a day to drive to a show,  get a good night of rest, and play the show the next night. We however are wired a little bit different.  We drive, stop to eat only twice in a 24 hour period, and play a show a few hours with next to no sleep. We think if we are to take time from our normal lives to do this you should get in front of as many people as you can.

Enough rambling, we met up with our Swedish counterparts, The Outshine, that had flown into Houston and drove down to Austin (about 4 hour drive). It was like seeing your family for the first time in a year. Man, I really love these guys and look forward to seeing them every time. This time was the same as every other time except a different singer for Outshine no EJ. Sorry but it will take me some time to get over him not being around and I do wish him the best of luck on wherever life takes him. With that being said they found their replacement and he really is a perfect fit for what these guys are trying to do musically and a great down to earth easy going guy with Micke. We all think that they were just trying to find a guy that looks like Brandon. lol Also the Swedes brought Kalle with them ,their band manager, who is again just a great guy.

From there we went to the hotel and had a couple beers with smiles from ear to ear talking about gear and trading war stories of shows past, the mini-tour, and how much fun we are going to have.  Next we had to get to Holy Mountain which is just off Sixth Street in Austin. Unloaded our gear and started trying to figure out who was using what gear as we are semi-sharing equipment for the whole tour. Mike Nachos and Jacob “Izzy Awesome” Delmont worked on setting up the merchandise booth and tour display which I need to thank Chris Kellenberger and Steve Richgruber for a beautiful job once again. Brandon, Jimmy and I went to scout out food and walked by a few other clubs we had played at before to see what our competition was for the night. The old Headhunters Bar (not too many people) was fun to look at after watching Bar Rescue (now called “Metal and Lace”). Room 710 is now a different place also but not many in there either. We grabbed some hot dogs from a lunch wagon and started making our way back. When we got back we noticed not too many at our place either but South by Southwest Music festival was just last week and we were told everyone in town gets pretty exhausted after a week of hundreds of bands rolling through town. Also we were competing with the college basketball tournament. First band of the night was Inkblot- good riffing and drums, not hot on the singer but I get what they were trying to do. The screaming cookie monster vocals don’t do it for me (sorry, just my opinion) Next Outshine hit it and hit it hard. I think we were more nervous than Outhshine because Micke in our opinion had some big shoes to fill by replacing EJ. If there is one thing I learned about Outshine It is that Jimmy, Fredrick, and Rey are not going to half ass anything. Again we were impressed with this kid Micke. I call him a kid ‘cause the fucker is 9 years younger than me. He did a great job.  A few more nights and he will own It, I can tell. We got up there and tore it up. Keep in mind the work and time that goes into preparing and setting up a tour like this. To finally let her rip is a great feeling. Big booming P.A. that made my drums turn into an acoustic onslaught of power you could hear a few blocks away seeing as we were playing semi- outside. Nothing like playing outside in the middle of winter sorry to everyone back home to say but it was a beautiful 70 degrees when we hit the stage. Sabbath Crow went on next. This would be the 3rd time playing with these guys and Jay’s powerful display of tastefully hammering out licks on his guitar. We’ve all determined that he is a man possessed and instead of speaking he gives it to you through his guitar and then does his haunting yet cleaver vocal over the top. This is a real treat to say the least while Kristin hold’s down the groove with a badass Rickenbacher bass. The new drummer  we met fits like a glove with his heavy hitting style is a great addition to an already great group of rock veterans. We got back to the hotel and had a small party in the parking lot (security only came twice not bad). Bed at 4:30AM up at 10AM to shower, and hit up the world famous Texas Chili Parlor (2nd time there). I know we will all be fighting for the toilet later but it is what it is.

Thanks for tuning in and your support,

-Jamie Damrow